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Dads, cooking is hot. Your wife agrees.

Level up your date night and bring your partner! The only way for you to be all-in on your relationship and your family, is to learn more about feminism. 

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Before I went back to school to earn my PhD in depth psychology, I was an esteemed chef. I worked in famous five star restaurants--serving caviar, fois gras, lobster, and rabbit. I also flipped pancakes and eggs every morning at my own establishment: Philadelphia's famed Down Home Diner. 


I can teach you everything I know about food. But this isn't just any cooking show for dads. It's a conversation starter around what feminist dads need to know about navigating changing gender roles in modern families. 

My upcoming book, Father Figure: How to be a Feminist Dad, offers a norm-shattering perspective on fatherhood, family, and gender essentialism. It's an exploration of dad-psychology—presented from an archetypal perspective—designed to challenge our familiar assumptions about the origins of so-called traditional parenting roles. 

I made this cooking show for dads interested in this topic. Believe me when I tell you, abandoning the patriarchal status quo can be mind-blowingly delicious!

Thanks for being here and look forward to exploring new ideas with you. 


"Father Figure is exactly the book that our family needed, and we imagine yours does too. Jordan questions what the traditional ‘dad’ offers a modern household. He reminds us, feminism liberates everyone, not just women. And this book offers supportive and profound suggestions for fathers. You can be a vital member of your family’s journey without being a patriarchal tyrant."

- Ben Lee and Ione Skye Lee

Musician, Actress, Partners, Parents

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