Dads, ready to cook good food while also learning about feminism?

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Family dinner will never be the same.

Before I went back to school to earn my PhD in depth psychology, I was an esteemed chef. I worked in famous five star restaurants--serving caviar, fois gras, lobster, and rabbit. I also flipped pancakes and eggs every morning at my own establishment: Philadelphia's famed Down Home Diner. 


I can teach you everything I know about food. But this isn't just any cooking show for dads. It's a conversation starter around what feminist dads need to know about navigating changing gender roles in modern families. 

My upcoming book, Father Figure: How to be a Feminist Dad, offers a norm-shattering perspective on fatherhood, family, and gender essentialism. It's an exploration of dad-psychology—presented from an archetypal perspective—designed to challenge our familiar assumptions about the origins of so-called traditional parenting roles. 

I made this cooking show for dads interested in this topic. Believe me when I tell you, abandoning the patriarchal status quo can be mind-blowingly delicious!

Thanks for being here and look forward to exploring new ideas with you.