Screen Time for Kids Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing

Every generation faces disruptive technologies, yet many see today’s version as the end of civilization. Writing for Scientific American, Jordan explains how urgent it is that we teach our kids how to apply the old human values—kindness, compassion, ethics, and etiquette—within new technological contexts.

Digital Play For Global Citizens

From exploring boundaries, borders, and geography; to developing empathy and understanding of diversity; to developing a sense of curiosity and wonder about nature; this guide introduces practical, ready-to-use resources and techniques for using digital play to promote global citizenship.

An Ancient Education For Modern Democracy and Global Citizenship

By Jordan Shapiro & George Papandreou

We stand at a crossroads, ready to start a new journey; but our economic, political, and educational institutions will need to absorb massive changes and adapt quickly if we want our societies to remain cohesive and manageable.

Camfed’s work in sub-Saharan Africa might change the way you think about education everywhere.

The distance to school is not only about how far you have to walk. In Tanzania, Jordan learns how some of the poorest girls in the world get exactly the education they need.

Exploding The Myth Of 'Unengaged' Students

NPR: In an era of highly polarized ed debates, Shapiro doesn't fit neatly into any of the ideological "pro-anti" boxes polemicists like to construct. He teaches a wide range of courses in the Intellectual Heritage program and other departments at Temple University.

Here's Why Nothing Prepares You For The 21st Century Like A Liberal Arts Education

Fareed Zakaria and Jordan Shapiro talk about writing, business school, W.E.B. Du Bois, Plato, and, of course, education.

Education Is The Key To All Global Development Goals (Q&A With Julia Gillard)

UNESCO estimates 124 Million children are currently not in school. That’s a positive improvement—the number was 200 Million just 15 years ago. Jordan Shapiro talks to Julia Gillard about the UN's new goals for sustainable development.

At Temple, Twitter's different roles in class

Philadelphia Inquirer: Jordan Shapiro's class last week delved into a weighty discussion of Plato's allegory of the cave and shifting perceptions of reality. Front and center on the classroom wall behind him flashed a constantly shifting series of posts on Twitter.

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