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Audiobook excerpt:

“This book redefines what it means to be a good father. It’s for anyone who dreams of a world where dads are both strong and kind—a world where children of any gender can look up to the men in their lives.”

- Adam Grant

#1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN

and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

"Father Figure is exactly the book that our family needed, and we imagine yours does too. Shapiro questions what the traditional ‘dad’ offers a modern household. He reminds us, feminism liberates everyone, not just women. And this book offers supportive and profound suggestions for fathers. You can be a vital member of your family’s journey without being a patriarchal tyrant."

- Ben Lee and Ione Skye

Musician, Actress, Partners, Parents

"Holy smokes! This book is a revelation and a revolution. This is required reading for every person who is or will be a caregiver in their lifetime -- which is all of us. Father Figure is a brilliant mix of memoir, manifesto and action. Shapiro offers us hope for a future where fatherhood is radically reimagined and this is the road map to get us there."

- Eve Rodsky

Author, Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live)

“It’s about time someone addressed the role fathers play in raising feminist children, and Shapiro has nailed it. I am happy to add Father Figure to my bookshelf of essential parenting reads."

- Jessica Lahey

Author, The Gift of Failure and The Addiction Inoculation

"This pandemic has revealed a crisis in American caregiving. I hope Shapiro's fearless book kickstarts a woke dad revolution, because Goddess knows we need one." 

-  Anya Kamenetz

NPR correspondent and author, The Art of Screen Time

"I'm excited about this, I want to be a feminist dad." 

-  Maz Jobrani

Comedian, Pandemic Warrior (Peacock), Immigrant (Netflix)

"Urgent and intellectually rigorous." 

-  Publishers Weekly

Starred Review

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